#783 Ferrari-Optimizing Pit Stops

Who’s in Your Crew? and… Who’s Crew Are YOU On?

In our last +1, we talked about getting more clarity on your destiny while Optimizing your vehicle so you can reach your destination in style.

I suggested we consider spending some time in the Heroic Service Center for a little vehicle fine-tuning.

After typing that, I realized what we really want to do throughout the day, is make sure we have really nice, elegantly efficient Heroic PIT STOPS (rather than long stays in the Service Center).

Enter: Another Google search.

“Pit stop.”

Enter: This E P I C first-result video on “Ferrari F1 Pit Stop Perfection.”

Now, I’m not a big race-car fan per se, but I am a huge fan of astonishing levels of excellence. Let’s just say I got goosebumps watching that little video.

I might have actually watched it a few times.

The first time I was blown away by how crazy-fast the pit stop crew swapped out the tires and got their racer back in the race.

The second time I noticed just how many people were part of the pit stop crew helping the racer get back into the race. I actually counted them. 22 (!!!) guys rocking that to utter, synchronized perfection—everyone playing their role as well as they can.

It made me think about all the people in OUR lives who help us stay in our race.

I get tears in my eyes as I type this—thinking of Alexandra and the kids. Of YOU. Our behind-the-scenes team who do all the work to keep me in my Deep Work race zone. Then, of course, there are all the people who dug all those wells.

Then I thought about being in YOUR pit crew. And Alexandra’s. And the kids. And our team’s. Honoring THEIR races and the role I get to play in getting their vehicles ready to reach their destinies.

That’s Today’s +1.

Who’s in your pit crew?

Whose pit crews are you in?

Let’s show up like those Ferrari guys. And appreciate everyone in our lives who’s showing up for us.


🏎️ 🏎️ 🏎️

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