#688 Fear: Stop or Go?

Which Sign Pops Up in Your Head?

In our last couple +1s, we talked about conquering fear. We have a whole class on the subject you might enjoy called Conquering Fear 101. Check that out for the longer-form take.

For now, we’ll continue our micro-form exploration of some ideas on how to go about successfully seeking victory over fear.

Once again, recall that to conquer literally means to “successfully seek out.”

Which makes me think of Grant Cardone.

In The 10x Rule, he tells us: “Rather than seeing fear as a sign to run—as most other people do—it must become an indicator to go.

Imagine that.

When you face fear, do you see a “Stop!!” sign pop up in your head telling you to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head while you avoid any and all feelings of discomfort while telling yourself that something must be wrong with you for even feeling that way in the first place?! (← I might have just described my old self too accurately. lol)


When you face fear, do you see a “GO!!!” sign that says, “GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!! That fear we’re feeling right now is a REVERSE INDICATOR!! It’s not telling us that something’s wrong with us. It’s telling us that something’s RIGHT with us and that we’re about ready to grow. GO GO GO GO! Bring it on!!” (← I’ll take more of that guy in my head, please! 🤓)

Stop vs. Go.

That’s Today’s +1.

When you feel fear Today, notice it (always the hardest part!) and take a deep breath. Step into your phone booth and transform into your Super-Optimus You. Smile.

Then, if you feel so inspired, turn the light from red to green and step forward into growth.

Knowing that by seeking fear we have the opportunity to conquer fear.

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