#134 Falling in Love vs. STANDING in Love

One’s a Lot Easier than the Other

It’s pretty easy to FALL in love.

It’s considerably harder to STAND in love.

And, simply seeing that distinction is a pretty big deal.

Otherwise you might fall into the trap I used to fall into—thinking that any little hiccup in a relationship was a sign that something was wrong with the relationship.

That fixed-mindset orientation applied to relationships is super toxic.

MUCH healthier to ditch the naive optimism, go growth mindset on it and K N O W (!!!) that all relationships face their inevitable ups and downs.

The question in those post-falling-in-love-honeymoon phase moments is not “What’s wrong with our relationship?” but “How can I Optimize my ability to show up powerfully in this relationship?”

Standing in love.

Let’s get really good at it.

Today’s +1:

Take a moment to reflect on the difference between falling in and STANDING in love.

Feel the power of the latter.


What can you do TODAY to +1 how you’re standing in love?

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