#1060 Facing a Challenge?

What Virtue Can You Practice?!

In our last +1, we left Zeno the leopard gecko in his terrarium and hung out with Zeno the founder of Stoicism.

As we discussed, Zeno was a wealthy merchant who arrived in Athens via shipwreck, discovered philosophy and then told his students that “he had come to value wisdom more than wealth or reputation.

He valued wisdom so much that he used to say: “My most profitable journey began on the day I was shipwrecked and lost my entire fortune.

(👼👼👼 )

Today I want to talk about another Stoic practice we can use to get a firm grip on reality so we can alchemize our apparent misfortune into our greatest fortune.

Stepping back for a moment, let’s remind ourselves of the fact that the Stoics took the whole idea of living with wisdom VERY seriously.

They were ALL IN on playing the eudaimonia game and believed that living with virtue was THE means by which to win that game.


When a “disaster” struck, they stepped back (right there in between stimulus and response) and asked themselves, “What virtue can I put to work on this challenge?”

Perhaps a little Wisdom to remind myself that setbacks are an inherent part of life?

Perhaps a little Self-Mastery to actually practice my philosophy in the moment it matters?

Perhaps a little Courage to step forward into growth and do what needs to get done whether I feel like it or not?

Or, perhaps I can practice the ultimate virtue of Love and bring kindness and presence and magnanimity to the moment?

That’s Today’s +1.

Facing any challenges?

What =Virtue(s) can YOU apply to those challenges?

Let’s move from Theory to Practice en route to Mastery.


+1. +1. +1.

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