#1057 Exploding Fist Bumps of Love

🤜💥🤛 → 🤟 💥 🤟

This morning I was wrapping up yet another AM1 Deep Work session when I heard the tap-tap-tap little knock on the office door.

I smiled.

Then I flipped the switch from Work mode to Love mode and assumed my position behind the door to get ready for a leaping monkey hug from Emerson.

The door opens.

He’s wearing his orange-white-black striped PJs that are ineffably cute on his super-fast-growing, lean little 7-year-old-body.

I smile.

Then he does his thing.

🐒 😍 🐒

I wrap him up as he wraps me up then I lay him on the ground and look into his eyes and say, “I love you, buddy.”

He squeezes me tight again and says, “I love you, daddy.”

Then he says…

“Oh! Look what I found behind your back…”

And gives me one of these:


Game on.

To which I reply: “Well, that’s funny, because I just saw two of these fly out of your ears!!”


To which he replies: “Well, that’s funny because I just saw two of these fly out of your elbows!!”


Then we might have taken a tour of our bodies with love flying out of our ears, eyes, noses, mouths, hair and beards. (Well, just my beard. 😁)


Although I do highly recommend the I Love You Game, that’s not quite the point of Today’s +1.

This is…

I think we’d all agree that exploding fist bumps are pretty epic.


I hereby introduce you to Emerson’s Exploding Fist-Bumps of Love.

Here’s how to it goes.

Get ready for your normal exploding fist bump action.


On the explosion, turn that action into Love.

Like so…

🤟 💥 🤟

That’s Today’s +1.

Here’s to many micro-moments of Exploding Fist-Bumps of Love with the ones we Love.

T 💥 O 💥 D 💥 A 💥 Y.

And every day.

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