#1515 Energy Is Everything

How’s Yours?

Today we’re going to wrap up our quick tour through Kevin Kruse’s 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management.

We’re going to talk about Secret #15…

Although it’s the FINAL secret Kevin shares, it is…





Kevin asks us: “Would you like to know the real secret to completing twelve hours of work in just an eight-hour day?”

(Well, would you?)


(Note: That’s a VERY BIG IDEA!)

Kevin continues by saying: “What if the ultimate time management secret isn’t about time at all? You can’t ‘manage’ time— no matter what you do, you will have the same 24 hours tomorrow that you had today. When people talk about ‘time management,’ what they really want is to get more stuff done with less stress. And the real secret behind this is that you need to maximize your energy.”

And, finally, he tells us: “I saved this secret for the end because I didn’t think you’d even read it or care about it if I put it up front. But it’s the most important secret of all.”


That, my dear Heroic friend, is THE secret to time management and to everything else you want to optimize in your life—which is why our Soul Force equation BEGINS with your Energy then we Focus it on What’s Important Now.

KNOW THIS: There’s only ONE possible way we can more consistently show up in our Work and in our Love with Heroic levels of Productivity and Connection and that’s by getting ourselves Heroically ENERGIZED.

As we’ve discussed (see our Notes on 7 Habits and our Heroic Coach Mastery Series Module on Energy!), renewing ourselves and “sharpening our saws” was Stephen Covey’s 7th Habit of Highly Effective People.

I say let’s move that up to the first position and create a CHAIN SAW.

Kevin leans heavily on Tony Schwartz and Jim Loehr’s wisdom from their great book The Power of Full Engagement to make his point in this final and most important “secret.”

They tell us: “Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance.”

And: “Energy is simply the capacity to do work. Our most fundamental need as human beings is to spend and recover energy.”

Let’s ask them the next logical question....

HOW do we develop our Energy?

They tell us: “All great performers rely on positive rituals to manage their energy and regulate their behavior.”

And: “The more exacting the challenge and the greater the pressure, the more rigorous our rituals need to be.”

And: “Creating positive rituals is the most powerful means we have found to effectively manage energy in the service of full engagement.” Plus: “The more scheduled and systematic these rituals became, the more renewal they provided.”

And, that, my dear Hero, is precisely why I hit 101 Heroic Targets every.single.day.

It’s time to activate our Soul Force and get our Energy Focused on What’s Important Now.

Not once in a while or when we *feel* like it, but CONSISTENTLY—all day, every day.



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