#242 Elon Musk + The Sun’s Power + You

A Gigacrazy Amount of Energy Waiting to Be Utilized

In our last +1, we talked about the power of focusing the sun’s rays via The Psychology of Utter Commitment.

Moral of that story: There’s a lot of latent power within you (and those sun’s rays) that’s just waiting for you to focus it.

But, get this.

There’s WAY more potential energy in the sun’s rays (and YOU!) than you might be able to wrap your brain around.

Get this: Did you know that more power from the sun hits the Earth in a SINGLE HOUR than the entire population uses in an ENTIRE YEAR?

That’s a CRAZY amount of energy—just waiting to be captured and used constructively.

Which is why guys like Elon Musk are so bullish about capturing, storing and channeling that energy to power the planet.

But guess what?

YOU have the same crazy amounts of energy within you.

It’s all there. Right now.

Just waiting to power you and your genius potential.

All we need to do is harness and convert that latent power into actualized power.

Limitless possibilities await us.

A gigacrazy amount of energy is waiting to be utilized. (Yes, that’s the technical quantity. 😃)

Which is why I’m here every day waving pom poms and reminding you of your power and, hopefully, shining some light on how to go about tapping into it.

Let’s step into the sunlight of our lives and be a demonstration of infinite potential.


Turn up your power. Shine.

+1. +1. +1.

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