#1790 Early Morning Target Swipes

& The Sounds of Nature

Every morning I get up, sync my Oura ring, 1-2-3 the data, send a grab of that data to my Heroic brothers Sean Casey and Brandon Guyer, commit to my Heroic protocol, hit some targets from overnight/that morning, then read (and post!) some inspiring quotes from the app, then I send my Wifey a little love text-note.

That takes me 5-10 minutes. It’s the best 5-10 minutes I invest in myself every day—setting my intention and recommitting for the day as I get ready to DOMINATE.

Then I go to the kitchen where I take a couple supplements then I head outside as I drink some water while getting a couple minutes of early morning sun to reset the ol’ circadian rhythm clock.


By the time I do that, I’ve already hit about a dozen Heroic Targets in my protocol, including but not limited to…

“I’m in Bed for 9-10 Hours Like a World-Class Athlete!” 🎯
“I’m in the Best Shape of My Life!” 🎯
“I Feel Heroically Energized!” 🎯
“I Have Fun Going to Bed by 9:00 p.m.” 🎯
“I Sleep with Tape” 🎯
“I Sleep in the Citadel” 🎯
“I Love Starting My Day with Early AM Sunlight” 🎯

Those are from my Energy Protocol.

Here are some Heroic Love Targets I hit first thing in the morning:

“I Begin the Day with a Smile!” 🎯
“I Appreciate My Life!” 🎯
“I Make My Bed!” 🎯
“I Send My Wifey a Love Note!” 🎯

Yes. That’s like me.

I’m two years into using the app and I’m still hitting over 101 Heroic Targets EVERY DAY and I can assure you it is VERY hard to have a bad day when I do that. 🤓

Stated positively, it’s also VERY EASY to have a lot of VERY GOOD days when I do the things I know are best for me.

Fun fact: I just checked and I’ve now hit 73,700 Targets in the app since we launched it a little over two years ago.

(I got goosebumps typing that. I’ve NEVER felt more on and I’m CERTAIN the app has helped lock in all prior gains such that my prior best is now my new baseline.)


This morning, as I was enjoying the pre-sunrise morning light from our back porch, I was struck by the beauty of the sounds on our property as all the little creatures on it were waking up.

It was (and always is!) an incredible natural harmony.


As I soaked up those sounds, I thought of a wisdom gem from a Note I was working on yesterday.

Henry Van Dyke once said: “Use what talents you possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.”


That’s Today’s +1.

When you hear the sounds of nature today, remember that wisdom.

Use the talents you possess.

Give us all you’ve got.

With a joyful smile.


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