#121 Dynamic Tension

How to Manage that Tension between Your Hoped-for Future and Your Current Reality

So, we have the ONE thing you’re going after in your epically awesome heroic quest. (Right? You identify that dream with a ton of pull power?)

And, we have your current reality.

Let’s take a moment and imagine that you have a rubber band in your hand. (Or, if you happen to have one around, grab it.)

Now, put that rubber band between the pointer fingers of your hands. Stretch your right hand up and to the right. That’s your hoped-for future. Your left hand is your current reality.

Can you feel that dynamic tension? That’s a good thing.

(Note: You don’t want to pull that rubber band SO FAR that it snaps. Ouch. Same with our goals. We want to pull them so we’re stretching but not snapping. Scientists who study effective goal setting tell us we want goals that are “challenging but doable.” How are yours?)


We have the tension between our epically awesome hoped-for future and our current reality.

How do we manage that?

Two options.

1. You can release the tension by letting go of your dreams. (Not a good idea unless you’re in the Snap Zone in which case you want to chill out a bit and land in a proper Stretch Zone.)
2. You can manage the tension by MOVING TOWARD your dreams. (A very good idea.)

So, today’s +1.

What’s your #1 target again?

This is it: ______________________.


What’s your next baby step?

This is it: ______________________.

Fantastic. Let’s hold that Dynamic Tension and +1 all the way.

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