#1295 Dorfman and Stutz

On Action, Action, and More Action

In our last +1, we hung out with one of the friendliest guys in baseball (The Mayor Sean Casey!) and his legendary coach Harvey Dorfman.

I want to spend a little more time with Sean and bring another legendary coach to the party—MY coach, Phil Stutz.

It’s funny because when Sean told me the story shout how Harvey RUTHLESSLY focused on the process goals NOT the outcome goals, I immediately thought of Phil.

As we’ve discussed, Phil says the same thing in his own way.

He says that most people focus on the OUTCOMES in their lives when they should be focused on the ACTION they are taking in pursuit of their desired outcomes.

The way he frames it is to imagine pearls.

You can spend all your time COUNTING how many pearls you have (or don’t have!)…


You can ignore the counting and simply focus on STRINGING THE NEXT PEARL.

Over and over and over again we focus on what needs to get done right now.

What’s important RIGHT NOW?

Do it.

String the next pearl.

Over and over and over and over again.

You do that enough time and you know what happens?

You get a LOT more of the outcomes you’ve been wanting.


Somewhere along the way you learn that the REAL prize is knowing how to flip the switch and get into action—showing up as the best, most Heroic version of yourself.

Not someday…


Let’s do that.

+1. +1. +1.

Let’s go!

P.S. I love pearls. I have one on my desk at all times to remind me of the wisdom from this +1 on How to Make a Pearl and this wisdom from this +1 on The Pearl in My Pocket.

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