#1432 Don’t Waste a Day!!

Pretty Please with Stevia on Top

Today we’re going to wrap up our tour through Old School Grit, the second fable in Darrin Donnelly’s Sports for the Soul series.

We talked about Old School Grit then we talked about Modern Science Grit. From there we talked about the 15 Rules of Grit. Then we focused on Rule #4: Champions Finish Strong.

It’s time to talk about Rule #12: Don’t Waste a Day.

The wisdom from this chapter of the book comes in the context of Darrin’s Hero-Coach-Guide giving a wise pep-talk to his basketball players as the compete for an NCAA Championship.


As I typed that, I actually got goosebumps imagining some of the players in the locker rooms of some of OUR Heroic Coaches.

We’ve been blessed to serve some extraordinary coaches and their players over the years. In fact, at one point, both the women’s NCAA Championship volleyball team AND the women’s NCAA Championship gymnastics teams were using PhilosophersNotes and Optimal Living 101 classes to get their games to the highest levels.

I could go on about the other elite performers we’re blessed to serve but I’ll leave it at that.


Proud husband moment…

Yesterday I was brought to tears watching my wife Alexandra’s college volleyball coach celebrate her as she was inducted into her college’s Hall of Fame. It was one of the most beautiful reflections of Alexandra at her Heroic best that I could ever imagine seeing. (Bless you, Bobbi!)

Many of you have been touched by Alexandra. If you’d like to see the little snippet from the ceremony you can check it out here. 🙏

btw btw btw…

My last call of the year last year was with a new friend who happens to be a Heroic Coach who happens to be a commanding officer in the U.S. Military. He told me Alexandra’s meditation for Learning 101 helped him get through rigorous training years ago.

He also told me how connected he felt to me and to her and to our kids as he’s watched us and them grow up—which is why I shared the video clip of Alexandra above. I feel like we’re family even though I have only been able to meet a small group of you in person so far… 🙏 🤗


Let’s get back to work.

It’s time to talk about Rule #12: Don’t Waste a Day.

Imagine Darrin’s Hero-Coach-Guide giving a wise pep-talk to his basketball players as they compete for an NCAA Championship.

He tells them: “My point is, no single play or single moment accomplishes anything of significance. It’s the little things done right and done repeatedly over a long period of time that add up to big results. Along with my keep moving forward mantra, my players constantly hear me say, ‘Don’t waste a day.’

“It means that every day, every practice, and every moment in your life is leading you towards something. Your effort and attitude every day will determine what that something is.”

He continues by saying: “Anyone one can be motivated to work hard and go after something for a day, a week, or a few months. But champions are motivated to work towards something each and every day for years and years.”

And: “Each day, you need to be moving just a little bit closer to your dream coming true. It won’t happen all at once and it won’t happen as quickly as you wish. But it will happen if you refuse to waste a day.”

Amen. Cue angels singing. 👼😇

As we’ve discussed, Ryan Holiday echoes that wisdom in Discipline Is Destiny.

He tells us: “Consistency is a superpower. Day-to-day willpower is incredibly rare. ... You don’t have to always be amazing. You do always have to show up. What matters is sticking around for the next at bat. The ability to do that ... is the first step to greatness. Literally. You cannot be great without the self-discipline to do that. One thing a day adds up. Each day adds up. But the numbers are only interesting if they accumulate in large quantities.”

And, of course, in our Soul Force equation CONSISTENCY IS THE EXPONENTIALIZER.

Which is why we architected OUR ENTIRE HEROIC APP to help you show up TODAY.

I repeat: TODAY’S THE DAY, Hero!

Don’t waste a day.

Give us all you got.


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