#463 Doing What You Love

How Can You Get Paid to Do It?

In our last +1, we talked about that little thread that runs through your head. (Did you gently pull it up?)

I also briefly mentioned the 100 Questions Exercise from How to Think Like da Vinci and the question that changed my life: “How can I get paid to do what I love to do?”

I skipped over that question kinda quickly. Let’s go back to it a moment.

So, as you read the book, Michael has you do his “100 questions” exercise. Then he gives you a bunch of “Power Questions.” You’re supposed to pick one question that really inspires you then write it down and go meditate on it (practicing deep contemplation da Vinci-style).

I can still VIVIDLY remember writing down “How can I get paid to do what I love?” on a piece of paper, tearing that page out of my notebook then threading some floss in a little hole I poked into it then hanging that floss on the shower head and taking a bath staring at it. (My apologies if that’s TMI. Hah. 😲)

Obviously, it all starts with “What do I love?”

My #1 things then (and now)? I love reading. And Optimizing my life. And helping others Optimize their lives.

And, well, it’s nearly 20 years later and there have been a bunch of zigs and zags but that’s pretty much the origin story of how I became a Professional Optimizer.

Of course, the only reason I’m sharing the story is because I’m curious what YOU love so much you would PAY to do. And, I’m curious how we can get you paid to do that thing you love so much.

That’s Today’s +1.

How can you get paid to do what you love?

I have some extra paper and floss if you need it. (Bring your own bathtub though! 🤓)

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