#1364 Do Your Job, Hero

You Have a Responsibility to Serve


That’s what I currently have written in BIG BOLD letters on my big ol’ whiteboard in my office.

I think that phrase/command might just be the simplest way to get clarity on how to show up as the best, most Heroic version of ourselves.

“Playing your role well” is a beautiful sentiment.


It’s easy to get lost in endless navel-gazing, questioning what role we’re really meant to play.

“Do your duty” is more concrete but it still misses the mark a bit.



That’s a pretty direct demand that, at least for me these days, cuts through the ambiguity and potential confusion.

For example, as I type this +1, I’m approaching it more like a blue-collar carpenter or plumber who’s showing up at the job site and simply trying to DO MY JOB to the best of my abilities.

My job today?

I’m the front-right-tire guy (this guy and this guy) distilling wisdom into its practical essence so I can give you the most powerful fuel I can to help you activate your Soul Force.

I’m showing up at my JOB and putting in my chunk of deep work time blocks.

When I’m done, the office is closed. I enjoy my family as I recover. Then I come back and show up with my lunch pail ready for another great day at the construction site.

Repeat. For as long as I’m blessed to do it.

Admiral McRaven talks about this basic idea of doing your job to fulfill your duty (to play your role well) in the context of one of his virtues in The Hero Code.

He tells us: “The idea of duty is a simple one. We all have a job to do in life. Whether that job is serving customers in a restaurant, taking care of our family, teaching our children, policing our cities, caring for the ill and infirm, protecting our gate, following the military Code of Conduct, or leading the country, we must do our job to the best of our ability. We must do our job well, not because it serves our interest, but because it serves the interests of others. We do not live in this world alone. Duty is a recognition that you have a responsibility to your fellow man and woman. It is an unselfish act, whether great or small, that contributes to the welfare of humanity. That is what makes it so very powerful. If you want to be a hero, it’s easy. Just do your duty!”

That’s Today’s +1.

What’s YOUR job?

Are you doing it to the absolute best of your ability?


Pause and consider the questions for a moment longer.

What’s YOUR JOB?


Are you doing it to the ABSOLUTE BEST of your ability?

If not, why not?

Let’s step up. And do our jobs. As well as we can.


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