#482 Digital Sabbath

The Johnson House on Sundays (Yours?)

In our last +1, we took a quick trip to our garage to recapture a potentially lost micro-moment as Eleanor and I filled up our water jug. (Little by little, drop by drop, btw!)

Today we’re going to stay in the neighborhood and visit the Johnson house on a Sunday when we’re reinstituting our Digital Sabbath.

Super simple. On Sundays the Wi-Fi stays off. Computers stay off. Phones off. iPods off.

Enter: Tech-free restorative bliss.

Keeping Alexandra’s phone off is the most challenging. (I’m back in my “I don’t turn on my phone mode” and it hasn’t been turned on in 2 weeks so that’s easy for me.)

And, Emerson, who’s become an audiobibliophile, keeps his little iPod off all day as we enjoy the peace and quiet and connection of a tech-free day.

(We don’t have a TV so that’s pretty easy to keep off.)

That’s our version of a Digital Sabbath.

Today’s +1: What’s yours?

P.S. Cal Newport’s wisdom on this basic subject comes to mind. He says: “I propose an alternative to the Internet Sabbath. Instead of scheduling the occasional break *from distraction* so you can focus, you should instead schedule the occasional break *from focus* to give in to distraction.”


Again: Technology is obviously amazing. (Thank you technology for connecting us!)


Let’s make sure we stay in control of how we interface with all that miraculous technology and have fun creating the constraints that allow us to Optimize our relationship with that tech, shall we?

Here’s to your Deep Work, Deep Love and Deep Living and the tech-breathers that support the cause!

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