#202 Death at the Crossroads

How to Create a Calm, Confident, Purpose-Driven, Enthusiastic Life

Here’s another gem from my coach and Honorary Godfather, Phil Stutz.

Phil tells us that when we come to a Crossroads—a point in our lives when we need to make a choice between two or more options—we’ve gotta realize that we need to DIE to the other options and go all in on one.

This is why people hate making decisions. They don’t want to experience the pain of losing out on a not-taken path.

But, the fact is that there will ALWAYS (but only A L W A Y S!!!) be trade-offs in every choice we make.

As such, if we want to get better at more confidently making decisions, we need to remind ourselves that the root of the word “decide” is de + cir which literally means “to cut” or “to kill.”

We need to take a very sharp, decisive blade and make a choice at that Crossroads—killing the other options.

We need to Die at the Crossroads.

And then we need to go ALL IN on our chosen path.

Phil has a cool way to visualize this Tool. (As he does with pretty much all the Tools he’s shared with me.)

Draw a big ol’ chunky arrow with, say, an inch-tall body heading to the right on your page. Then draw a splinter arrow that goes up and another splinter arrow that goes down representing other paths you could explore at your Crossroads. (And know that you could draw an infinite number of those pathways.)

Then you use that pen-sword of yours and literally CROSS OFF AND KILL the other paths as you lean into the one you’re choosing to go for.

You willingly choose to make the trade-offs. Then you take all that energy and go all in on your chosen path.

Death at the Crossroads. It’s the only way to a calm, confident, purpose-driven, enthusiastic Life!

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