#635 Daimon, Meet Genius

High Fives All Around

As you know if you’ve been following along, I’m a bit obsessed with Aristotle’s idea that the whole point of life, the ultimate target, the SUMMUM BONUM (the highest good!!) is to have a “good soul”—to be a eudaimōn.

We have a guiding spirit—the BEST version of us is whispering in our ear and guiding us to our destiny. We just need to get better at high fiving our inner daimon moment to moment to moment and, voila! We experience eudaimonia.

But, somehow, along the way, I forgot that the Romans had their own Latin word for the Greek word daimon. (Thanks to Steven Pressfield in The Artist’s Journey for the reminder.)

You know what they called our daimon?


They said that we ALL have our own genius. Right there. Guiding us. All day every day.

Daimon, meet Genius.

Today’s +1.

If you feel so inspired, please take a moment and wave and say hi to your Genius.

Perhaps give him or her a high five.

I say we let our Geniuses guide us all day today.

When in doubt, just glance at your Genius and check in on the next best step.

Your Genius knows.


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