#1111 Crossing Bright Lines

And Getting Back on Track

This morning I did my normal thing. Starting last night with shutdown complete, etc. You know the drill.

My #1 AM1 Deep Work goodness was clear: Create +1s.

Note: That’s supposed to be pre-inputs.


That’s not what I did.

Rather than get to work on the +1s, I found myself quickly checking in on the status of a little Dropbox Paper chat regarding a project we’re working on.


I (laughing as I type this) hate it when I expose my brain to inputs before doing what I a) say I’m going to do and b) know is most important while c) my brain is primed and ready to CRUSH IT!

8 minutes and 48 seconds elapsed in this reactive before creative mode before I yanked myself out of it and got back to what I said was most important.

I was literally nearly sweating. “DUDE! What are you doing?!”

It was fantastic. 🤓

Made me think of a few things.

First: Let’s remember that we have Bright Lines not so that we’ll never cross them per se but so that when we DO cross them, we KNOW we did and we can get back on track snappy fast.

Second: It made me think about how much time I used to waste falling into the trap of “It’ll only take a minute!” and then hours/days flew by. (Hah.)


That’s Today’s +1.

What’s your AM protocol?

Got one?

You working it?

Here’s to having fun creating and using Bright Lines to keep us on track as we give the world all we’ve got.


P.S. The best part about this +1? I had no idea when I began Today’s Deep Work that I’d be creating +1 #1,111. How PERFECT is it that I hiccuped on that one? 🤓

And, by some nice twist of fate, this is #111 for 2020!

+1. +1. +1.

+1. +1. +1. +1.

Looking forward to #11,111!!!

Enter: Quick calculations….

If all goes as planned over the next 37 years (I laughed with the Stoic-Optimizing gods as I typed that!), we’ll have fun with +1 #11,111 on Friday, September 6, 2047. (God willing, I’ll be 73. You?)

+1. +1. +1. +1. +1.

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