#1136 Creating Your Life Documentary

Note: It’s All an Important Part of the Process

In our last +1, we pulled some more wisdom from Robert Biswas-Diener’s Courage Quotient.

Specifically, we focused on some wisdom from a chapter called “Be Willing to Fail.”


I love Thomas Edison’s wisdom that he “failed his way to success.” And, I love Winston Churchill’s perspective that “Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.


Robert shares another perspective that I REALLY (!) loved.

He tells us: “The Academy Award-nominated documentarian Adrian Belic (Genghis Blues) has articulated this exact point to me perfectly. ‘There are no successes and failures’ according to Belic, ‘there are only successes and opportunities. When I make a movie I shoot hundreds of hours, each of which has the potential to make the final cut. Most will not. The film that winds up on the cutting room floor shouldn’t be seen as failure though. Each frame was an important part of the overall process, even those that didn’t ultimately get used.’

Think about that.

HUNDREDS of hours are shot to arrive at an hour and a half movie.

Let’s bust out a quick napkin-math calculator.


Less than 1% makes the final cut.

Was the other 99% a “failure”?

Of course not.

Let’s apply that wisdom to our lives.


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