#1133 Courage Tools

Here Are My Favorites—Yours?

In our last +1, we talked about the science of courage and did some quick napkin math on our Courage Quotients.

Recall that Robert Biswas-Diener tells us that courage has two parts and can be captured in a handy-dandy quotient like so:

Willingness to act

Courage quotient = ——————————


As we discussed, if your willingness to act is a 10 and you can drive your fear down to 1, you’d have a Courage Quotient of 10. If, on the other hand, your willingness to act was a 1 and your fear was a 10, you’d have a Courage Quotient of 1/10th.

Today I want to chat about a couple of my favorite Tools to boost those variables and encourage you to consider your favorite Tools.

(btw: Recall that encourage literally means to “give courage.” ← Love that! 🤓)


When it comes to boosting up the ol’ numerator of having a “willingness to act” in the face of fear, my personal favorite Tools include a deep breath, a quick flip of the switch and then saying to myself, “Optimus, now what needs to be done?!”

Then I like to do that. 🤠

In terms of controlling my fear, I like the same deep breath and flip of the switch along with a nice little chant of “Bring it on!!!” and “I’m excited!!!”

That helps me alchemize and channel that neutral (and natural) energy into effective action.

(Sidenote: A ton of other little ideas came to mind as I typed that out. Including this gem: “Fear is excitement without the breath.”)

How about you?

What are YOUR top go-to Tools to get yourself to take action while controlling your fear?


What’re your favorite Tools?

Are you using them as often as you could or have they gotten a little dusty?

Here’s to those +1s that lead to a solid +10 on our Courage Quotients.


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