#867 Counting Pearls vs. Stringing Pearls

Yoda Says: One’s Better Than the Other

Not too long ago, we spent some time with my Yoda (aka Phil Stutz) and he taught us the power of what he calls “stringing pearls.” (It was Part 2 in our Yoda’s Law of Action series. 🤓)

As you may recall, the basic idea is that life (particularly a life filled with creative pursuits—which means ALL of our lives) is ALL about taking action.

We want to be (much!) more focused on DOING things than we are worried about how those things turn out.

It’s the whole Process vs. Outcomes chat we come back to often.


One of Phil’s (many!) metaphors is something he calls “stringing pearls.”

He says that our job is to simply string another pearl on the thread of life.


By doing what needs to be done.

String the pearl.
String another.
And another.

Repeat. Forever.

In a recent chat, months after I first learned that wisdom, I said, “You know, it’s so easy to get stuck counting pearls rather than stringing them.

A choir of angels interrupted our chat as we both reflected on that nice little (albeit obvious) extension to the metaphor.

String pearls! Focus on taking action while remaining unattached to outcomes.


Count pearls!! Constantly check in on how well you’re doing. (Or not doing.)

They’re both an essential part of the creative process. (As always, it’s always “Yes, and!”)


We want to notice when we step a little too far into the whole “counting pearls” business. (You know you’ve gone too far when you forget to spend the requisite time stringing them. 🤠)

Why is that a good thing to notice?

Well, among many reasons: Because we’re a LOT happier when we’re in action than we are when we’re ruminating about the results of that action. (Have you noticed?)

That’s Today’s +1.

How’s your pearl stringing?

Let’s put another 1 (/11?) on the ol’ string today shall we?

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