#46 Commitments: 100% Is a Breeze

99%? Not So Much.

So, as per our last +1, bright lines are super helpful in making deals with ourselves.

Here’s another way to look at the same basic idea.

When you make a commitment to yourself, know that making a 100% commitment is, somewhat surprisingly, WAY easier than a 90% commitment or even a 99.9% commitment.

There’s something about just going absolutely ALL IN on a commitment that saves a ton of energy and makes it way more likely to stick.

Fact is, when we have anything less than a total 100% commitment we’ve left room for that little whiny voice to come in and start negotiating with ourselves right when we can least afford it and most need to ignore it.

Going back to my last example, when I used to eat fast food and had a less than 100% commitment to not doing it, literally every time I’d drive by a Micky D’s I had a conversation with myself about whether I should go or not.

Not wise.

And, of course, I lost the negotiation on the days when I felt worst.


The commitment is, oddly, WAY easier than anything less.

So… To what new habit do you need to make a 100% commitment?

Pick one thing. (Not 100!) And give it 100%.

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