#502 Collecting Turnarounds

At the Speed of the Universe

In our last +1, we talked about my Yoda schooling me on how to apply dark energy to my life by aligning with that Force that’s driving the expansion of the Universe at a mind-exploding velocity.

Today we’re going to talk about another facet of that chat—which is really the essence of all of Phil’s work with The Tools and Coming Alive.

Here’s the quick take.

In our +1 on “Turning Around Glitches,” we briefly talked about something Phil calls “turnarounds.”

Basic idea: Life is constantly challenging us and, quite often, knocks us a little off-center as we stretch ourselves. Phil sketches that “glitch” as a fish-hook shaped curve. Imagine a curved line that goes down like a “U” then hits bottom then curves back up and to the right into an arrow.

That’s a “turnaround.”

And Phil’s incessant (!) counsel to me is to continue to get REALLY good at “catching those turnarounds.”

Noticing the MOMENT I get disconnected from the best within me and IMMEDIATELY using a Tool to recover my power and move on.

He says that THAT act is actually the most fundamentally creative thing we can do. And, in fact, THAT’s how you most powerfully align with the expansive Force of the Universe—because each time you catch yourself slipping and turn it around you EXPAND into the next-best version of yourself.

Do it often enough and fast enough and you spiral up into that self-perfecting syntropy loop Eric Butterworth told us about.

Today’s +1.

Imagine the fish hook.

Notice yourself the next time you hit a “glitch” in life.

Then make it a game and see just how fast you can catch that turnaround.



Moment to moment to moment.

See if you can catch up with the Universe which, as we now know, is moving at a nice clip of 68 kilometers per second per megaparsec. 🤓

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