#1705 Coach Wooden Playing Chess

Process >> Outcomes

In our last +1, we talked about Emerson’s remarkable chess gains that came as a by-product of his even more remarkable commitment to an astonishingly simple training protocol.

As you may recall, he and his coach (love ya, Nick! 🙌) decided that he would do one hour of tactical puzzles on ChessTempo.com.


Emerson showed up and did that hour of chess puzzles…



That’s literally pretty much ALL Emerson did for the last 30 days.


He wound up going next next next level—winning an astonishing 22 games in a row while increasing his rating on chess.com an astonishing 300 points in 30 days.


Again, I’m a proud dad. And, I’m an even more fascinated philosopher/teacher/coach.

As it turns out, I literally JUST created a Note on John Wooden’s GREAT book Wooden on Leadership.

When I thought of Emerson’s 22-game chess winning streak, I thought of John Wooden’s STAGGERING 88–game winning streak while leading the UCLA Bruins to their 10 NCAA national championships in 12 years.

You know how Wooden did that?

Pretty much the same way Emerson just did it.

Of course, he wanted to win a championship.


He NEVER talked about that.

What he focused on RELENTLESSLY was helping his players execute a PROTOCOL that he believed would best position them to win.

All of which brings us back to the same questions with which we ended our last +1.

I repeat…

What’s YOUR #1 WILDLY IMPORTANT GOAL in your life right now?!

Could be going next level in your Energy.

Could be going next level in your Work.

Could be going next level in your Love.

What is it?

Get clear on that.


Get even MORE clear on what you think is THE #1 THING you could do to have THE BEST shot at hitting that wildly important target.

Got it?


Now go focus on the PROCESS for the next 30 days and let the outcomes take care of themselves.

It’s Day 1.

We’re ALL IN.

Let’s go.

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