#1185 Clark Kent’s Changing Room

The Flow Telephone Booth

Continuing our brief foray through Jim Kwik’s brain and book, let’s talk about the power of getting into Flow.

Jim tells us that being able to flip the switch and drop into a powerful Flow state is one of the keys to tapping into our (Limitless!!) superpowers.

He quotes Steven Kotler in The Rise of Superman to make his point.

Here’s how Steven puts it: “To put it another way: flow is the telephone booth where Clark Kent changes clothes, the place from where Superman emerges.”

I LOVE that image of Clark Kent stepping into the phone booth of Flow and coming out as Superman.

Reminds me of this +1 on Clark Kent flipping the switch and striking a power pose to get his Superman on.


As I read this passage (and chapter from Limitless), I was reminded of our recent +1 on our new Astonishing Work Equation.

Recall, if we want to REALLY crush it, we’d be wise to focus on three variables:

Astonishing Quality Work = Time x (Energy x Focus x W.I.N.)

I made the point that, math wise, if your Energy is at a 10 and your Focus is at a 10 and you’re working on the 10 What’s Important Now task, you can work ONE hour and still get a 1,000 on the Astonishing Quality Work scale.


If your Energy is at a 1 and your Focus is at a 1 and you’re working on a 1-level What’s Important Now task, you’d have to work 1,000 (!) hours to match your Astonishing Quality Work score.


You know what? That’s actually not even accurate.

The reality is, when we’re REALLY plugged in, we can create at levels that are simply IMPOSSIBLE to create at in any non-awesome state.

As such, I think we should swap out our 1 to 10 scale for a 1 to 100 to make the point even more powerfully.


On a 1 to 100 scale, if your Energy is at a 100 and your Focus is at a 100 and you’re working on the 100 What’s Important Now task, you can work an hour and get 1 MILLION Astonishing Work points.

Drop your Energy to a 10 and your Focus to a 10 and your W.I.N. to a 10 and your 1,000 is 1/1000th of what you could have done.


That’s about right.

Today’s +1.

How’s your SuperFlow Math looking these days?

What’s working Energy + Focus + W.I.N.-wise?

What needs some work?

And what can will you do to Optimize?!

Here’s to stepping into the telephone booth of Flow and tapping into our Superpowers.


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