#266 Champions Do More

Got 10 Reps? Give Me 11!

Continuing our theme of stepping up and into our very own World Champion You Training Camp, let’s have fun with a little practice of mine.

One of the common themes in sports-based mental toughness books is the fact that “Champions do more.”

As Jim Afremow tells us in The Champion’s Mind, “They outperform their contracts.” Every day. Every play.

For whatever reason, one day when I was doing my warm up for another Trail workout, I was thinking of this idea and decided that my 10-rep wrist circle stretch thing was going to become 11. My 10 ankle circles? 11.

My side to side swings? 11. Arms swinging overhead and then back? 11 plus 11.

Sets of 10 burpees? 11.

It’s a totally ridiculous thing to do but I laugh with joy every time as I do that one more rep and say to myself, “That’s like me. Champions do more.”

That’s Today’s +1.

Got 10 reps? Give me 11! 😃