#1691 Celebrating Heroic Women!

We Love You ๐Ÿค—

Today is a day for DEEP WORK-mode domination.

I have a lot of traveling coming up and Iโ€™m working hard to get far ahead so I can focus on a couple of trips then create some other large quantums of time to dominate the next set of WINs.


I just stepped out of the office to take a little break.

I checked in with Emerson and celebrated his recent next-level chess domination.


As I was heading back to the office, Alexandra asked me to help her with a meditation she was working on for Womenโ€™s Day.

(Which also happens to be the day weโ€™re sharing this +1โ€ฆ TODAY!)


I was a little impatient as I was kinda in a hurry to get back to dominating.

(Gosh darnit! Iโ€™m still not the first perfect human. 😂 🤦โ€โ™‚๏ธ 🤓 )


I remembered my AM Heroic App commitment to โ€œRespond to a Bid from Alexandraโ€ soโ€ฆ

I slowed down and Focused my Energy on What Was Important in that momentโ€ฆ


She shared some ideas from the beautiful meditation she was working on to celebrate women on Womenโ€™s Day and asked me for some support.

(Check out her Womenโ€™s Day meditation here!)

I added some thoughts and encouraged her to help us FEEL the power of our mothers and their mothers and their mothers and their mothers back countless generations to help us FEEL the fact that we LITERALLY would not be here today if each of those women hadnโ€™t LITERALLY given us life and then supported us in becoming all that we are today.

Of course, the same fact is true for our fathersโ€™ mothers and their mothers and their mothers and their mothers back countless generations.

Pause for a moment and feel into the (goosebumps) power of this truth.

Better yetโ€ฆ

Check out Alexandraโ€™s meditation where she does a much better job of guiding us in visualizing/feeling into these sorts of things. (And, check out her collection of HUNDREDS of Heroic meditations in the Heroic App while youโ€™re at it.)


With a heart full of gratitude for all the mothers and grandmothers and aunts and great aunts that go back countless generations, letโ€™s brings ourselves back to THIS moment and appreciate all the women in our lives who make our lives so much infinitely better than they would be without them.

FEEL the love and joy these women bring into our lives.


Think about the daughters and nieces and other girls and young women in our lives.

Imagine them at THEIR Heroic best giving their gifts in service to the world.

See a world filled with these powerful girls maturing into even more powerful women.

See them as leaders, embodying wisdom and discipline and love and courage and gratitude and hope and curiosity and zest in the years and decades leading to 2051 and beyond.


Todayโ€™s +1โ€ฆ

With a heart full of gratitude, reverence, and loveโ€ฆ

Go tell the women in your life just how much you cherish them and the joy they bring into your life and let them know just how committed you are to doing EVERYTHING you can to help them flourish and activate their Heroic potential.

Todayโ€™s the day.

Heroes unite!!

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