#618 Breaking Records

Then What? Get Back to Work

In our last +1, we talked about the fact that Jerry Rice scored a touchdown every single time he caught the ball (in practice).


(Quick check in: Did you have fun scoring some touchdowns while channelling your inner Jerry Rice?)

Now, I’m not sure how many touchdowns Jerry scored in practice over his 20 year career 😉, but I do know that he scored 197 touchdowns over the course of his NFL career.

To put that in perspective, that’s 25% more than the receiver in second place. (Curious souls: That’s Randy Moss with 156.)

I also know that Jerry retired with 38 (!!!) NFL records.

Apparently, how you practice IS how you play.


But, get this: You know what Jerry did in the 24 hours after the game in which he broke the all-time receiving record?

Hint: EXACTLY what he always did after a game. (Hah.)

He broke down the game in his mind that night—analyzing what he did well, what needed work and what he’d be doing differently to Optimize.

Then he showed up at the practice facility the next morning THREE HOURS before everyone else showed up.

Just like he always did.

Mr. Process.

(btw: Reminds me of Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Highly recommend that movie. 🙂)

(btw2: You know who else recommended going all in every play? An extraordinarily wise teacher from a couple thousand years ago. He liked to call it going the second mile.)

Today’s +1.

What wildly important goals are YOU going after in your life?

What’s the PROCESS (/protocol/set of algorithms) you decided you need to follow to have the best shot at hitting those targets?

Are you working that process?

And, finally: What’s one little algorithm you can Optimize as you “Go Long!” in your life?!

High fives and see you in the end zone, my friend!

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