#1302 Big Wave Riding

With Yoda and Laird

In our last +1, we revisited our thinking on our Targeted Thinking practice.

As you may recall, we added a Step 0 to the protocol that involved accepting our reality COMPLETELY before we shift to figuring out how we’d like to create a better reality and what, specifically, we will do RIGHT NOW to create it.

Today I want to chat more about acceptance.

We’ll bring my Yoda, Phil Stutz, back to the party to tap into more of his near-infinite wisdom.

Btw. Phil and I have been working together for nearly six years now. It’s remarkable to me just how deep we can go these days as I have fun truly practicing my and our philosophy at deeper and deeper levels.

Btw2. The reason I’m able to practice even more deeply is because I have taken on bigger and bigger challenges—as Phil says, I’m dealing with “real bullets” now.

And, as another dear friend and mentor (Matt McCall!) puts it: I’m officially working out in “the big boy gym.” 😂

(Lifting Real Weights vs. Styrofoam Weights for the win, folks!!)


Phil doesn’t tell us to just *accept* reality. He tells us that we need to RADICALLY accept reality.

One of the metaphors he likes to use is to imagine that you’re a surfer.

When you’re surfing, you have ZERO control of when and how the waves show up. (Right?)


You have pretty much COMPLETE control over how you choose to respond to any given wave. (Right?)

That’s Part 1 of this +1.

The wise, eudaimonic surfer embraces that fact. How? By not complaining about the waves. They are what they are.

And, the wise life-surfer knows that the waves, when viewed properly, are what make the whole experience FUN!! No waves, no fun.

Now for Part 2.

Question time…

Two parts to the question.

First, if you’re REALLY committed to becoming a REALLY great (!!!) surfer, do you go to the beaches with the tiniest waves?


Do you find the beaches with the right-sized big waves to have the most fun challenging yourself with your current level of skill?

Note: Finding the right-size waves is an important distinction that’s part of a longer chat. We want to make sure we find our flow channel—not too little or too much stress or we’ll be bored or anxious! (Superyou for the win!)

Second, when you arrive at the beach and swim out to start catching the right-sized (appropriately big!) waves, do you COMPLAIN when a big wave approaches or do you smile and get after it, seeing just how well you can ride it while—very importantly—ENJOYING the thrill of the experience??

Of course, unless you’re crazy, you ENJOY those (appropriately) big waves. That’s the whole reason you showed up at the beach in the first place, right?!

And THAT is how we want to approach our lives and all the inherent “waves” or challenges that show up on our heroic quests.



Got any waves in your life right now?


Surf’s up.

Let’s go get it as we enjoy the ride!!!

+1 🌊 +1 🌊 +1 🌊

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