#849 At Least THAT Didn't Happen

Something to Consider

The other day I was out on the Trail enjoying a run.

Then I kinda tripped and then slipped and then caught myself before falling. Oops. 😲

Good news: I didn’t fall hard on the pretty-much-healed but still-not-quite-100%-healed arm.

Not so good news: The way I kinda caught myself and kept myself from falling included an unexpected workout by my external obliques that they weren’t quite ready for. 😲

I stopped running. Took a deep breath. “Ouch.” “That hurt.”

I stood still as I checked in to see how bad the damage was.

Although I’m still a little sore a week later as I share this story, it wasn’t that bad.

So, I celebrated.

I mean…

It could have been a lot worse.

Since getting my bionic arm, I’ve spent more time thinking about all the “near misses” that could have been much more significant ouches.

That time I slipped from the wall traverse and shattered my arm? Well, I’d slipped like that dozens of times before. Nothing happened.

Then… BAM!

Even when that happened though, I still immediately said a silent prayer of thanks that I fell off the wall and broke my arm rather than fell off the 20-foot rope (which I had just climbed) and broke my neck.

And, well, that’s Today’s +1.

The next time something “bad” happens, see if you can reframe it just a tad and see all the times we take our health for granted.

At least THAT didn’t happen!

Whatever’s happening, we’re ALIVE. What a gift.

All those little (and big!) scrapes and bumps along the way?

Those are just reminders of how precious this one life of ours is.

Let’s appreciate the unknown moments we have left.


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