#199 #Arrows and Our Friend Apollo

A Handy Tool for Rocking It

In our last +1, we talked about the fact that we never want to confuse ourselves with visions of an entire lifetime at once.

The trick? Focus on the present moment. That’s the only time we ever have to show up and be our best.

Here’s one way I like to operationalize that wisdom.

Remember our archer Apollo? You know, the patron god of philosophy?

He tells us that we need a target that we’re super committed to hitting; yet, somewhat paradoxically, we need to remain completely unattached to actually hitting it.

We do that by putting ALL (note: ALL!!!) of our energy into doing our absolute best to shoot that arrow as straight as we possibly can. Then, literally, letting go of the rest.

We like to remind ourselves of this wisdom as we’re launching things here at Heroic.

We start throwing around “#arrows” in our chats to remind ourselves that it’s *all* about shooting the arrows and then letting them land where they will.

Ready fire aim style.

Arrows. Arrows. Arrows.

Knowing that the more courage we have to shoot those arrows in the direction of our dreams, the more we’re going to learn and the faster we can Optimize.

How about you?

Got any arrows in your quiver that might be getting a little dusty?

What’s one arrow that needs to take flight today?

… Remember: #arrows!!

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