#429 Are You an Ambivert?

Extroverts, Introverts, and Ambiverts

In To Sell Is Human, Dan Pink tells us about research Adam Grant has done on which personality types make the best salespeople.

What’s your guess?

Do you think EXTROVERTS are, on average, better salespeople? Or INTROVERTS?

Hmmm… Whaddya say?

Well, my friend. That’s another trick question. (Queue the 🤡!)

As it turns out, AMBIVERTS make the best salespeople.

Ambiverts? Yah. Ambiverts.

Part extrovert. Part introvert.

Why is that? Well, extroverts can tend to be a little too pushy and fail to attune to the needs of those around them. While introverts can tend to be too reserved and fail to actually make a pitch.

Research shows that we need the right balance of both to perform optimally.

I’m reminded (yet again!) of our Yerkes-Dodson Inverted-U Curve! As with most things in life, there’s a virtuous mean of goodness.

Enter: Ambiverts.

Today’s +1.

How about a little self-reflection. How do you show up in life on the ol’ introvert-extrovert-ambivert scale? (Want a little help figuring it out? Here’s a little assessment.)

And, as always, most importantly: What’s one little thing you can do TODAY to Optimize just a bit more?

High tens and here’s to your ambiversion!

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