#413 Are You a Should-Head?

Yoda, You and the Extra Degree that Burns thru Ambivalence

Not too long ago, we chatted about the importance of not “shoulding” on yourself. (You may recall Tony Robbins’ wisdom that it’s wise to to stop doing that. We also talked about musterbation in that +1. It was quite a tour de (punny) force.)

Today, we’re going to check in and make sure you’re not a should-head.

A “should-head”?

Yes. A should-head.

Rory Vaden tells us all about it in his great little book Take the Stairs.

First, quick context. Rory’s a big fan of the whole 212° concept. Recall: Water boils at 212°. Not 211°. Not 210°. And, obviously, not 100°.


That’s when magic happens.

Technically, as we’ve discussed, that’s when “activation energy” is created. Rory walks us through a continuum of potential motivation and tells us that we need to move from a kinda sorta almost (211°) commitment to an ALL IN! Let’s do this!! (212°) commitment.

He says: “I believe it is that 1 degree that is the minuscule, almost unnoticeable, nearly invisible, yet tantamount difference between choosing an attitude that says, ‘I’m not sure yet,’ and one that says, ‘I’m in for good.’ That is, one that asks, ‘Should I?’ versus one that asks, ‘How will I?’

This 1-degree difference of commitment distinguishes which people you can count on and which ones will flake out on you.”

1 degree.

It makes all the difference.

And… For the record, you know who incessantly asks the (hand-wringing whiney) “Should I do this question?”

Yep. A should-head.

Do or do not as one wise, green Jedi put it. But don’t be a should-head.

So, Today’s +1.

Are you being a should-head with anything?

If it’s worth doing, give it all you’ve got.

Here’s to that extra degree that burns through the pile of should and gets stuff done!

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