#894 All Roads Lead to Eudaimon

Antifragile Optionality - Part II

In our last +1, we chatted about my Gordion knot and the Orison Swett Marden wisdom that most obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to boldly walk through them.

Today I want to talk about another fun little insight I discovered as I mapped out some potential angles for my Gordion knot sword swing. 🤓

First, let’s revisit some wisdom on being antifragile for a moment.

In this +1 on Infinite Optionality, we talked about the fact that if, when you’re facing a challenge in life, you think you have only one option (note: you always have more but you might think you only have one!), you’re FRAGILE.

Two options? You’re more robust.

Three or more (infinite?!) options? You’re approaching antifragility.


I had that in mind as I mapped out some of my options to elegantly take care of my (current) Gordion knot.

At the same time, I scribbled my whole Hope = Goals + Agency + Pathways sketch featuring multiple pathway-arrows leading to my better future.

Then, as I looked at the three options that were rising to the top, I said to myself, “All roads lead to eudaimon.”

Then I laughed.

That’s pretty good, eh? (lol)

All roads lead to eudaimon.

It’s true.

Provided we have the right mindset.

That’s Today’s +1.

Got any challenges?

What are three of your favorite options on how to rock it?

Can you see that (with the right mindset!) all roads lead to eudaimon?


See you there.


P.S. “All roads lead to eudaimon” is obviously a fun little twist on the “All roads lead to Rome” adage. Get this: All roads in Europe pretty much DO lead to Rome. Check out this beautiful visual display of those 500,000 roads to Rome for more.

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