#32 Active Love

How to Get Out of a Mental Maze When Someone’s Annoying You

Here’s another really powerful tool from The Tools guys, Phil Stutz and Barry Michels.

Use this tool whenever you find yourself in one of those not-so-pleasant mental loops about someone who annoyed you.

They call that being stuck in “the Maze.”

Not a good place to be.

The Tool to get out of that Maze is called “Active Love.”

Here’s how to practice it: The first step, as always (!), is to notice that you’re off. (Therefore, btw, you want to get EXCITED about detecting this negativity. Seeing it is a really powerful thing.)

Then take a deep breath and imagine your energy going from your head to your heart.

Smile gently. Take another deep breath to focus your energy into your heart region.

Then think of some awesome things about the person who is currently annoying you. You can also send compassion for the challenges they may be facing.

Then imagine beaming them love—get into it and see energy shining right out of your heart and into the world toward them.

That’s Active Love.

It’s really amazing. Try it the next time you find yourself caught in a mental Maze.


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