#934 A World Without Heroes

Let’s Choose This Day to Be One

As we’ve discussed many times, one of my greatest joys is reading with Emerson. Especially these days as we get to engage in deeper and deeper micro-chats about life, virtue, and being a hero.

I really enjoyed our latest series: Beyonders by Brandon Mull. Brandon is the same guy who wrote the Fablehaven series. (Remember Olloch the Glutton?! DON’T FEED THE DEMON!! 🙂)

Quick context: Beyonders is a three-part series. The first book is called “A World Without Heroes.”

In this book, Brandon has some great lines about heroes and how they choose to do the right thing independent of the consequences. Passages like the one we’re going to discuss Today have led to some great little micro-philosophical-chats with Emerson.


Our young aspiring-hero says this to his mentor: “I’m not sure I’m cut out for something like this. I’m a pretty regular guy. All this stuff you’ve been telling me has almost scared me out of my mind. I don’t think I’m what you’re looking for. You need a real hero.

To which his mentor shakes his head and replies: “So many misconceptions surround the notion of heroism. Far too many categorize a hero as a champion on the battlefield, a commander of legions, a master of rare talent or ability. Granted, there have been heroes who fit those descriptions. But many men of great evil as well. Heed me. A hero sacrifices for the greater good. A hero is true to his or her conscience. In short, heroism means doing the right thing regardless of the consequences. Although any person could fit that description, very few do. Choose this day to be one of them.

To which our young hero swallows and replies: “All right.

His co-hero echoes the sentiment as she whispers: “I’ll try.


That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s choose THIS DAY (!!!) to be a hero as we make sacrifices for the greater good.

P.S. I can’t help but think of wisdom from one of my heroes when I share that.

As we’ve discussed before, Marcus Aurelius once said: “Let your one delight and refreshment be to pass from one service to the community to another, with God ever in mind.

Sounds like a hero to me.

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