#1638 A Walk at the Airport (Part Deux)

With Mark Twain and Krishnamurti and…

In our last +1, I mentioned the fact that I went on a walk with Confucius at the Orlando airport.

As I walked back and forth down the Southwest terminal, I was inspired to cultivate positive qualities I saw expressed around me while uprooting the less-than-positive qualities I saw as well.


You know what I saw more than ANYTHING else?

It was the ONE common denominator among basically 99% of the people I saw.

What would you guess nearly EVERYONE (!) had in common?


What’s your guess?

The one thing nearly everyone was doing is something I’m doing as I type this +1 on my iPhone…

Nearly EVERYONE was staring at their smartphones.


This is when Mark Twain and Krishnamurti joined me and Confucius on our walk.

Mark Twain once playfully quipped that any time he found himself on the side of the majority he would pause and reflect. 😳!

And, of course, as you know if you’ve gone through our Heroic Coach program (because it’s THE quote I repeat most often!)…

Krishnamurti tells us that it’s no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

And with that…

I’m going to turn my phone off and get back to my walk.

It’s Day 1.

We’re all in.

Let’s go.

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