#1527 A Recipe for a Good Life

By Muhammad Ali

Over the last several +1s, we’ve been getting all fired up with some inspiring poems.

Let’s look at ONE more.

This one is from Muhammad Ali’s FANTASTIC autobiography, The Soul of a Butterfly.

It’s called, “A Recipe for a Good Life.”

Ali tells us…

Here is my suggestion . . .

Take a few cups of kindness
One dash of humility
One sprinkle of laughter
One teaspoon of patience
One tablespoon of generosity
One pint of forgiveness
One quart of love
And a gallon of faith
Mix in determination and add lots of courage;
Stir it up very well, spread it over the span of your lifetime,
And serve it to each and every person you meet.

That’s Today’s +1.

(Short and sweet is hard to beat as my sixth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Ruscher, wisely taught us!)

Here’s to the cooking up the virtues that will make Today a GREAT day.

👩‍🍳 😘

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