#679 A Quick Trip to Michelangelo’s Studio

Sculpting the Epic Version of You

In our last +1, we took a quick trip to hell in which (in the last moment of your life!) we met the version of you that you COULD have been.

D’oh. Gulp. Yikes.

Now that you’re (hopefully) appropriately disgusted with the prospect of meeting the version of you that you could have become, let’s fly (like a bat out of hell?! 😲) straight to Michelangelo’s studio.

We’ve talked about it before, but you know the whole story about how Michelangelo “saw” David in the marble and then just got rid of the stuff that was in the way?

Well, exciting news: You and Michelangelo are going to sculpt the ideal YOU today.

It’ll just be a quick first pass but seriously. Imagine that.

Big ol’ piece of marble. The perfect you is inside.

Two questions:

1. What do you see? (Insert: Pause. Reflect. See it. Feel it.)

2. What’s getting in the way? (Insert: Pause. Reflect. See it. Feel it.)

That’s Today’s +1.

And… That’s enough to keep us busy for a lifetime, eh?

For now, what’s your next little bit of chiseling look like?

What one little sub-optimal behavior would you like to chip away Today?

(Remember the Golden Buddha. All we need to do is chip away at the stucco that’s in the way!)

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