#163 80/20 Kryptonite

What Needs to Go? Do Less of That

In our last +1, we talked about the few key behaviors that are most helping us Optimize 80/20-style.

The 20% of our behaviors that drive 80% of our good results.

Guess what?

The same rule applies in reverse.

You’re doing a few key lame things that are creating most of your headaches.

Today’s +1: What are they?

What are your Top 3 Kryptonites that need to go? What are the top few things you do that just don’t help and, in fact, probably result in most of your problems?

I shared my positive stuff in the last one, so here are the things that need to go/stay out of the picture for me:

1. The Internet. This is, by far, my greatest Kryptonite. It’s amazing for me to observe how wonderfully architected our modern technology is to hook our attention.
2. My Phone. See #1.
3. Chasing two rabbits. In my enthusiasm to get stuff done, I can lose focus on the next most important thing.


What are your THREE key behaviors that most need to go?

1. ____________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________

And, what’s the #1 thing that you’ll get to work on eliminating, 100%-style?

Here’s to chipping away at the stuff that’s getting in the way of our most heroically Optimized selves showing up more and more consistently.

+1. +1. +1.

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