#1542 Areté +1° #007: 451°

Activation Energy

Hi, this is Brian. Welcome back to another Areté +1°.

A micro-chapter from my new book, Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential.

This is one of 451 of my all time favorite ideas that I hope help you activate your Heroic potential.

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Have you ever heard of “activation energy?”

It’s a chemistry thing. The dictionary tells us that it’s “the minimum quantity of energy that the reacting species must possess in order to undergo a specified reaction.”

Mundane examples: Water only boils once it reaches its activation energy point of 212° Fahrenheit. 100° certainly won’t do it. 200° won’t do it. Not even 210° or 211° will do it.

Simmering but not boiling.

Want to boil? Then you need to get the heat all the way up to 212°. Then you’ll undergo the “specified reaction” and boil.

Same rules apply with fire.

Carbon and hydrogen atoms are hanging out in paper all day every day. And, of course, oxygen is hanging out in the air all day every day.

But… They won’t combine to set the paper ablaze until a certain threshold is reached. We need 451° of heat to create enough energy to catalyze the magical dance that is fire.

400°? Nothing. 449°? Nothing. 450°? Nope. Nothing. 451°? BAM! Let there be fire.

That’s activation energy.

And that’s why this book has 451° ideas—any one of which might help you go to the next level. In aggregate? If all goes as planned, we’ll activate your Heroic potential.

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