#1411 32 Days Is How Long It Takes

For the Average American to Give Up On…

Today I want to ask you a question.

Here it is…

Do you know how long it takes for the average American to give up on their New Year’s resolutions?

Take a moment and think about that…

How long do YOU think it takes for the average American to give up on the resolutions they set for themselves on New Year’s Day?

* Cue the Jeopardy music *

Answer: 32 days.

According to a recent study, the average American gives up on their New Year’s resolutions THIRTY-TWO days into the year.

Know this…

That’s tomorrow, February 1st.


That begs another question…

How about YOU?

Did you start the year off strong with noble intentions and then kinda sorta get a little busy and then kinda sorta forget all those aspirations to make 2023 a truly HEROIC year?


Welcome to the club.


Know this…

This isn’t a new challenge.

2,000+ years ago, the wise men and women of ancient India came up with a word for this tendency WE ALL HAVE to give up on our goals when things get a little challenging.

As we’ve discussed, they called it arambhashura.

The word literally means “to be a Hero in the beginning.”

The ancient Romans talked about this tendency and had a word for it as well.

As we’ve discussed, the word mediocrity literally means “to be stuck in the middle of a rugged mountain.”

In other words, we’re mediocre (or, to put it another way: like the average American! 😉 🤗) when we give up and settle for being Heroes in the BEGINNING rather than persevering to the SUMMIT of our Heroic quests.

Day 32?

That’s when HEROIC MASTERY begins.


We’re launching our new Heroic Mastery program on the day most people quit.

Heroic Mastery begins TOMORROW (!), February 1st at precisely 1:01pm Central Time.

Cruise on over to www.Heroic.us/Mastery to learn more about how we’re going to help you move from Theory to Practice to MASTERY Together EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in 2023 to help you MAKE SURE you don’t act like an average American this year.

Giving up 32 days into making this the greatest year of our lives?



I repeat.

Giving up 32 days into making this the greatest year of our lives or at ANY POINT (!!!) in our Heroic Quests?!?




It’s time to show up and do the HARD WORK of moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery Together TODAY.


P.S. You know the #1 reason most people say they give up on themselves and their goals? 52% of them say it’s because they lack discipline. Perfect. We’ll take care of that with Heroic Mastery.

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