#327 1-Minute WOOP

Inhale. Exhale. W O O P!

The other day I had a coaching call with a Hero. It’s always super fun to have a chat with someone who’s ALL IN.

In addition to rocking his fundamentals, he told me that he WOOPs his day every morning while he’s in the shower which a) is epic; and, b) gave me an idea. More on that in a moment.

First, pop quiz!!

Do you know what WOOP is yet?

If you haven’t mentally tattooed it on your head yet, fear not! I’m going to continue to hammer it home. 🤓

Micro recap: Gabriele Oettingen came up with the science of making our dreams a reality. We need to start with an inspiring goal but then we need to rub it up against reality. You can do it with huge goals and you can do it with the next thing you’re up to today.

Four steps: Wish + Outcome + Obstacles + Plan.

What do you want? (Wish)
Why do you want it? (Outcome)
What’s in the way? (Obstacles)
What will you do about that? (Plan)

(Note: That’s very similar to Ray Dalio’s 5-step process for getting what you want in life.)

So, we’re talking about his #1 thing which is to Optimize his relationship with his kids. We come up with a bunch of little things to help the cause. (#1 tactical thing: Respect The iPhone Effect and keep the smartphones away during family time!)

One of his big challenges (which ALL parents have!) is his transition from work to home. That’s when we decided to WOOP that transition with a simple, 1-minute process. Five deep breaths. The first breath focuses your attention and calms your energy. Then each of the next four breaths gets a different letter: W O O P.

Let’s do it now.

Start with a nice, deep breath in (inhale to around a six count) then hold for one then exhale for a little longer than you inhaled (say around eight). Clear your mind. Shake out your body. Relax. Smile.

Now, take another nice, deep breath in and think of your WISH for the next part of your day. See your ideal coming to life and exhale with a smile. (It could be transitioning from work to time with your kids or it could be having a great phone call with a client or a great workout… whatever!)

Now, take another nice, deep breath in and think of the OUTCOMES you will experience as a result of that wish coming to fruition. In other words, WHY are you excited to make that wish happen? Fantastic. Feel it. Smile as you exhale a little longer than you inhaled.

Now, let’s rub that ideal up against reality. What might get in the way? What OBSTACLES might you face?

And… Finally, what can you do to make sure you deal with that obstacle with as much grace as possible? What’s your super simple PLAN?


With practice you can easily run through that process in a minute — energizing yourself with some nice, deep breaths while focusing your intention on what you want to create!

Today’s +1. Got a minute? Give it a shot now!

What’s up next in your life?

W O O P it!

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