Your Erroneous Zones

Escape Negative Thinking and Take Control of Your Life
by Wayne Dyer | Avon Book © 1993 · 320 pages

How're your erroneous zones doing? Dr. Wayne Dyer's first mega-best-selling book is straight to the point, funny, and eminently practical. In this Note, we'll explore some really Big Ideas ranging from the importance of self-reliance and self-worth (vs. worrying about what others think and therefore having "other-worth") to the need to quit "musterbating."

“With death so endless a proposition and life so breathtakingly brief, ask yourself, ‘Should I avoid doing the things I really want to do?’ ‘Should I live my life as others want me to?” ‘Are things important to accumulate?’ ‘Is putting it off the way to live?’ Chances are your answers can be summed up in a few words: Live… Be You… Enjoy… Love.”

~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer from Your Erroneous Zones

Your Erroneous Zones was Wayne Dyer’s first book and I love the stories he tells about how hard he worked to help make it a best-seller (over six millions copies sold!). It’s a no-nonsense, straight to point, how to quit letting negative thinking dominate your life kinda book. Just the kind I love. :)

Dyer’s super quotable and the book’s packed with Big Ideas. Let’s have some fun exploring some of my favorites, shall we? :)

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Wayne Dyer

"father of motivation"