Thresholds of the Mind

Your Personal Roadmap to Success, Happiness, and Contentment
by Bill Harris | Centerpointe Publishing © 2007 · 159 pages

In this book, Bill Harris, the founder of Holosync (which I've been using for 550+ days now), outlines his thoughts on how meditation raises the "thresholds of our mind" along with other mojo on rockin' it. In the Note, we'll take a look at a range of Big Ideas on optimal living—including the significance of different brain wave patterns and why we want to learn how to synchronize our brains through meditation.

“The human brain has the quality of plasticity or malleability throughout life—if it receives the kind of stimulation that allows it to grow and adapt.”

~ Bill Harris from Thresholds of the Mind

Ah, neural plasticity!! Don’t you just love the fact (yes, it’s a fact) that we can literally re-wire our brains?

It makes me giddy to think about the power we have to shape our minds, to raise the “thresholds of our minds.” We do that and we’ll more effectively meet life’s challenges and live with more consistent joy, creativity, peace and all that good stuff.

Bill Harris, the author of Thresholds of the Mind, is the creator of “Holosync”—which happens to be my absolute *favorite* self-development tool at the moment. In this Note, we’re gonna take a quick look at some of the many Big Ideas from his great book (it’s PACKED with Ideas that hit the cutting floor as I squeezed a handful of my favorites into these brief six pages! :), including an exploration of what’s up with meditation, how Holosync can get you meditating like a zen monk in minutes, why you should care about that, and a bunch of other Big Ideas for our “roadmap to success, happiness, and contentment.”

Let’s jump right in. :)

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Bill Harris

President & Director of Centerpointe Research Institute