A New Earth

Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose
Penguin © 2008 · 315 pages

Oprah and Tolle rocked the wisdom from this great book in their special program and in the Note we'll explore Big Ideas ranging from how your pain body and shadow projections are getting in the way of your happiness to the secret of the art of living as we create the consciousness in ourselves that will help create a new heaven on earth. (We also have a Note on Tolle’s "Power of Now" so you'll be sure to get your ET on!)

“‘A new heaven’ is the emergence of a transformed state of human consciousness, and ‘a new earth’ is its reflection in the physical realm.”

~ Eckhart Tolle from A New Earth

There’s a reason Oprah decided to team up with Eckhart Tolle to create an unprecedented 10-week course to teach the principles in A New Earth to hundreds of thousands of people: it’s a remarkable book.

Tolle has a profound ability to take the complex ideas of spirituality and consciousness and boil them down into simple, powerful lessons easily grasped and applied to our lives.

I’m excited to share some of my favorite Big Ideas from his book but I’m barely going to scratch the surface of the depth of transformative ideas Tolle presents in this book.

If you’re feelin’ it, I recommend you take some time to curl up with this gem and dive deeper into understanding how we can transform our consciousness and create A New Earth.

First, let’s start with some:

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