#182 Wings and Lottery Balls

How to Bounce Your Way to Winning the Game of Life

Rumi tells us that God turns us from one feeling to another so that we have two wings to fly and not one.

I love to keep that in mind when I find myself kinda going back and forth on a decision.

Two wings!!

I also like to think of lottery balls. (Hah!)

You know how sometimes you can feel like a ping pong ball going back and forth? Back and forth. Back and forth. Seemingly getting nowhere and kinda annoying yourself?

Well, leaning into Rumi’s wisdom that sometimes those back and forths are actually good for us, I think a better metaphor is to drop that ping pong ball into one of those lottery ball things. You know, the jumbo huge thing with all the pins where the ball bounces around and around and eventually reaches a winning number?

THAT’s what’s going on as we incubate and contemplate a big decision.

Lottery balls.

Let them bounce.

Then spread your wings and… fly! 😃

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