#79 Today's the Day

What to Do When a (Daimon) Reporter Follows You Around All Day

Here’s another way to create a Masterpiece Day filled with you at your best.

In Die Empty, Todd Henry tells us to imagine that from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep we have a reporter following us around taking notes on every little thing we do. After tracking our behavior for the day, the reporter goes off and writes a report describing what we did, when, how, etc.

That little report they create will serve as the summary of our entire lives—which is a pretty good incentive to make *today* the day to live our deepest values, eh?


Guess what?

That reporter *is* there every day. Remember “the Other”? Our Daimon—our inner soul that’s there watching us every moment of our lives?

Let’s make him (or her) proud.


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