#427 Tibetan Word for “Guilty”

<- Doesn’t Exist — Here’s the Closest Thing

Do you know what the Tibetan word for “guilty” is?

Trick question! 🤡

There ISN’T a word for “guilty” in Tibetan.

According to Geshe Michael Roach in his great book The Diamond Cutter: “There’s no word in Tibetan for ‘guilty.’ The closest thing is ‘intelligent regret that decides to do things differently.’”

I like that.

“Intelligent regret that decides to do things differently.”

Isn’t that a wonderful upgrade from “guilty” (and its first cousins “shame” and “defensiveness”)?

Make a mistake?

All good. Part of being human. No need to catastrophize or make excuses.

Just capitalize the mis-take, apply a little “Needs work!” and “That’s NOT like me!” to your Optimizing experience and carry on.

So… Today’s +1.

Are you feeling any “guilt” about anything?

(Yah? What pops up for you?)

Can you add a dropperful of Tibetan “intelligent regret that decides to do things differently” to it?

Fantastic. Repeat as necessary.

btw: I have a whole pantry full of that essential supplement and you’re welcome to stop by and grab as much of it as you’d like.

(Oh… And… Let’s do this! 🤠)

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