#21 The Rise of Superyou

Introducing a New Mantra: “No Pressure, No Diamonds.”

Steven Kotler wrote a great book called The Rise of Superman. In it, he challenges some myths of mastery—telling us that it’s not so much about having the right DNA or the willpower to delay gratification for 10,000 hours.

For this +1, I want to share my favorite piece of wisdom from my interview with Steven.

I asked him what ONE piece of wisdom he would share with someone looking to Optimize their life and actualize their potential.

His answer?

“No pressure, no diamonds.”

He tells us that we need to be willing to exit our comfort zone if we want to catch a glimpse of our ultimate potential.

“No pressure, no diamonds.”

That’s become one of my favorite new mantras.

No pressure. No diamonds.
No pressure. No diamonds.
No pressure. No diamonds.

The mantra that cuts through fear like a razor-sharp, diamond-bladed sword.

Try it out the next time you’re feeling a little pressure.

One more time: No pressure. No diamonds.

Here’s to the Rise of Superyou!

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