#905 The Origin of Disease

Hippocrates Says: Check the Gut!

In our last couple +1s, we’ve been hanging out in our guts. (Good times! 🤓)

Surprisingly, that’s where we discovered 90% (!) of our serotonin and 70-80% (!!) of our immune systems.

Crazy, eh?

Today we’re going to spend another moment on the subject.

Get this: Although modern medicine pretty much ignores the gut as its standard of care focuses on alleviating symptoms rather than Optimizing systems, the idea that our guts play a central role in our well-being isn’t a new idea.

Let’s jump into a time machine and rewind the clock about 2,400 years.

Destination: Ancient Greece.

It’s time to meet the father of medicine: Hippocrates.

You know what he said? “All disease begins in the gut.

Dr. Gundry echoes that wisdom and adds a little bonus gem (via The Longevity Paradox) where he tells us: “As Hippocrates famously and wisely said, ‘All disease begins in the gut.’ The good news is that all disease can be stopped there as well.

That’s Today’s +1.

What’s ONE thing you KNOW you could be doing to Optimize your nutrition?

Is TODAY a good day to make that happen?


High fives.

Low fives.

Mid fives. (Right around the gut! 🤠)


Let’s do this!!!

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